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Welcome to Blissful Baking's Blog


Every now and then I will attempt to write something about me, my baking and what I've been up to. I pre-warn you, having a clingy toddler doesn't bode well for time to devote to this lovely passtime but I shall try. Hopefully it will be worth reading!

By Tania, Feb 17 2017 11:58AM

I thought it was about time I got my act together and wrote my first blog of the new year. And what a great way to kick it off by telling you a bit about why I started Blissful Baking.

Some of you may see my occasional posts on facebook, twitter or instagram of various creations. Yes they may look pretty at a glance, you may like it or just ignore it. But digging behind the scenes of that photo, why did I start a business like this?

My actual work background is in the corporate world of Project Management. Back in 2014 I was travelling one and a half hours each way to the client I was working for and getting particularly annoyed with not only the travel time but also the job in general.

One day while waiting for my connecting train at that all famous station called Clapham Junction, I was caught in a crowd surge. It was actually one of my most scary moments… other than when I was being chased by a mob of Indian men from a wedding procession in Jaipur (but that’s another story). Anyway, I clung to my handbag and shoes as I was pushed onboard a train, crammed in with all the other sardines and trying desperately to keep standing upright and not be trampled. That was my final moment, I was not going to put up with these train journeys any more.

Not long after that moment my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby… so another great reason to change my profession into something a lot more flexible.

Hence began the Blissful Baking journey….

The name Blissful Baking came to be because baking was always a way I could escape to after a particularly stressful day.. therefore ‘blissful’.

So I started in a tiny flat kitchen in Kingston Upon Thames back in 2014 and I continue to run my business now from a much larger kitchen in Kingswood in 2017. It’s not easy juggling life as a mum, wife and business owner but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My business enables me to create cakes for special occasions and the best part for me is seeing my clients reactions. It is their (your) feedback that drives me to continue. It also gives me the flexibility to spend precious time with my little boy Max who is now 2.. my how time flies.

So the Blissful Baking journey continues...until next time….


By Tania, Nov 14 2016 12:54PM

I hadn't given the Melting Moment biscuit a thought until I was perusing the local cafe's biscuit selection the other day craiving something yummy and found it completely lacking. Mass produced biscuits packaged in plastic just don't appeal to me at all. Firstly they lack taste and secondly, it's a complete waste of plastic to wrap one biscuit in it.

So that got me thinking about the classic Melting Moment (which would have gone down well with my steaming hot chocolate).

It's an Aussie thing... or Kiwi one depending on which part of that world you're from. And to describe a Melting Moment... well it's like a shortbread, a soft slightly crumbly biscuit that melts in your mouth. You can sandwich it together with either the traditional lemon buttercream or passionfruit buttercream which is just as tasty.

If you love shortbread, which is one of my weaknesses, you will love this biscuit.

With an active toddler in tow, I don't get as much time as I'd like to dedicate to my baking and cake decorating but I made time this week to bake these. Would have loved to package them up in nice little Christmas bags for you all but will have to try that next year when nearly 2 is in nursery.

Have a great week and happy baking!


ps.. if you'd like the recipe let me know in the comments below

Melting Moment Biscuits
Melting Moment Biscuits
Melting Moment Biscuits
Melting Moment Biscuits

By Tania, Oct 28 2016 08:14AM

Hi everyone.

Well it's getting to the end of a very busy week. The Beautiful and Bespoke Market Night at Tadworth Primary School was a great event and my first ever market. A great night out with lovely locals and some really talented individuals. I had great feedback on my new range of Cupcake Bouquets so am really pleased I went to the effort of trialling out a local market.

I thought it timely that I base this weeks blog on that famous Australian cake called the Lamington. I introduced it to the locals that visited my stall on Tuesday evening and many had not heard or knew what it was.

The Lamington isn't usually a cupcake, I just created it as one because wherever you are in the world it's nice to have a bit of home with you. It is a sponge covered in chocolate and rolled in dessicated coconut. Some have it with raspberry jam in the middle and others don't, it depends what your taste buds desire. I personally like both as long as it's dipped in chocolate ganache I don't really care.

The Lamington is an Australian icon that is named after Lord Lamington who was a Governor of Queensland. His maid servant accidently dropped his favourite sponge in chocolate and Lord Lamington not wanting to waste it suggested it be rolled in coconut so as to avoid messy fingers while eating it.


Apparently it's been around since 1901 or thereabouts. It's history appears debatable with some people saying it may have been named after Lady Lamington. Whatever its past, it is one of the icons that joins meat pies, kangaroos and vegemite.

If you haven't yet tried a lamington give me a call. I'd be happy to whip up a few for your next event or social gathering.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Lamington Cupcakes
Lamington Cupcakes

By Tania, Oct 18 2016 03:08PM

I’m sure all of us have an Aunty Flo. She’s the one that baked those magnificent cakes you ate as you grew up. The ones you ran home from school for.

I inherited this recipe. Actually I married into it as Aunty Flo is my husband’s Aunt, Great Aunt to be exact and a lady I never had the pleasure in meeting. Saying that I’ve heard all about her and perhaps that’s why when I was originally looking for a Christmas Cake recipe I wanted to use one of her recipes.

Aunty Flo was born in the early 1900's and was one of three sisters and a brother. She was the eldest, so when her mum died she became the one responsible for looking after her siblings which included all the cooking.

During the Second World War she worked in a dress shop during the day and then at night undertook fire watching duties. Even in the bad times she remained happy go lucky, would hum little tunes under her breath and ensure her family had a meal on the table. There was always a Christmas Cake for Christmas.

My husband remembers her as a bubbly, cheerful Aunty. I don’t suppose he remembers calling her Aunt Flof Flof. Thankyou Ann for that snippet of information.

So I have to thank Great Aunty Flo for this wonderful Christmas Cake recipe. I can’t explain how lovely it is to make a recipe that has been in the family for so long and has been baked through the passing of time in many different kitchens.

Before I go, a few of you have asked for some tips when making a Christmas Cake;

- Soak the fruit in advance. I like to use brandy and leave it in an airtight container in a cool, dark location for at least 2-3 weeks, stirring it every few days and topping up when you feel like it.

- After cooking and while the cake is still warm, use a skewer to poke holes in the top and drizzle some brandy in. You can then top up the brandy over the next few weeks or however long you want to leave it before covering and eating.

- I don’t like peel so I only put a handful of that in and replace it with chopped walnuts.

All the best with your Christmas Cake baking. Mine are now cooked and sitting wrapped up waiting for their next drizzling of brandy.

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